Bali is probably the best known of the Indonesian islands and is often the first point of call into Indonesia for vessels coming from Singapore, Thailand or areas further West. Bali itself has limited cruising due to exposed shores and deep slopes but the island is a regular starting point for yachts wishing to enjoy and extended cruise east, through the Nusa Tenggara region of Indonesia in the cruising grounds that incorporate and surround Komodo National Park.


Bali is the main international tourist hub for Indonesia and Benoa Harbour is the international port, located on the eastern side of the southern tip of the island. Benoa Port officials can issue Visa On Arrival, making life less complicated for arriving yacht crews and guests. The International airport is also very well connected, with multiple daily flights from Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur. An Execujet Terminal just 10 minutes drive from the port also increases the exclusivity of guests arriving privately.


Benoa port has three different options for alongside berthing, and some protected anchorages as a backup.

  • For smaller motor yachts and sail yachts, Bali Marina is an option, with 150 metres of floating concrete walkways capable of accommodating up to 350 GT with a draft of 3.5 metres or less. Frequently tenders are stored here during the yacht’s down time. Shore power is unfortunately not There is fresh water available, but a filter is advised before using it to wash down.
  • For yachts up to 60 metres, there are three ‘med style’ berths available at the BBQ (Big Boat Quay), a dock owned and operated by the Harbour Authorities of Benoa, but with improved crew / passenger access with the installation of a floating platform, in order that vessels can come stern to. Fresh water is delivered direct from the dock, or via 3,000 litre reservoirs, water is gravity fed or pumped to the vessel. There is no plug in shore power, but shore side generators can be arranged, although it is expensive.
  • For larger yachts, the commercial east and south docks are an option to come alongside, and have often been utilised for extended periods, although it is possible that a vessel would have to move for commercial activities and passenger ferry or cruise ship arrivals. There is no potable water or shore power available on the commercial docks, although 3,000 litre fresh water reservoirs can be installed for vessels planning to stay for extended periods.
  • In addition to these alongside berths, anchorages in Benoa channel or in the smaller port of Serangan.

Crew will certainly enjoy their down time in Bali, with a huge diversity of tourist attractions, temples and rice padi views, spas, surfing and diving, along with gourmet food an nightlife keeping everyone entertained between cruises. Having lived on the island for 13 years and tried and tested the majority of what is on offer, the Lighthouse team are well placed to suggest some of the “must-visit” places to really make the most of this internationally renowned island.

Due to the significant number of luxury residences and five start resorts on Bali, provisions are readily available and can be arranged with the Lighthouse provisioning team.

Avoiding expenses by using the Ship Spares in Transit process can be challenging in other areas of Indonesia, however if a vessel is in Benoa Harbour, items can be internationally shipped and delivered to the vessel without incurring the standard import duties associated with sending items to Indonesia. Bali itself has a decent network for repair and maintenance, and is easily accessible for specialist technicians coming from other areas.

Bali is also the home port of the Lighthouse Team, with the central office based 15 minutes from Benoa Port in Sanur.