Cruising Permits and International Clearances

Despite the common perception that cruising Indonesia is a complicated experience, appointing The Lighthouse Consultancy to pre-plan and coordinate the cruise time frame will ensure it runs relatively smoothly.

Update March 2016

As of March 2016, the permitting processes for cruising in Indonesia are changing, with government departments implementing ways to simplify the application process.

Frankly, it is taking some time to work out how the regulations are interpreted in the remote ports, but what is clear is that the Permit names are changing. The Clearance Approval for Indonesian Territory (formerly known as CAIT) is being phased out and replaced with YachtERS an online registration system, and the Temporary Import process replaced with a Vessel Declaration document that will offer a more efficient application process. In reality, the  documents that need to be submitted are the same as for the previous cruising permits, and so the main difference is the application time frame, which should reduce  considerably from the previous 3 – 4 week time frames.

As things are gradually socialised and implemented in the remote ports  the quicker permit processing will surely come into effect, but at this stage Lighthouse is still advising yachts to give as much time as possible for document procurement.

Important Note; With the longer duration of stay in the country, it is important to make plans regarding the visas considerations for crew and guests.

Please contact The Lighthouse Consultancy team to discuss all elements of the new cruising permit requirements for Indonesia

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YachtERS – Electronic Registration System

This is the new online application that replaces the CAIT. It is permit that allows the vessel a single entry into Indonesian waters, potentially up to 12 months, with extensions available. The document grants the crew and guests of the vessel, who are expressly listed on the document, approval to enter Indonesia at any time during the validity of the document.

Planning for the document requires:

  • Ships Registration Papers & Other Documents
  • List of names and passports of all guests
  • List of names and passports of all crew
  • Planned Ports for International Clearances
  • Potential planned domestic route

Vessel Declaration

This process sounds more complicated than it is, however the vessel must be temporarily imported into Indonesia in order to be allowed to cruise the waters. This takes place during inspections during the initial international clearance in to Indonesia, with information submitted in the Vessel Declaration document endorsed by customs officials. The vessel is routinely exported at the end of the cruise time frame during the final international clearance.

Planning for the process requires:

  • Ship Registration Papers & Other Documents
  • Four photographs of the vessel
  • Vessel Valuation Document

International Clearances

There are several main ports that can be utilized to clear into Indonesia, and these are generally chosen based on the vessels’ route and intended cruising destination, in all likelihood Bali, Ambon, Sorong or Biak will be used.

Crew and Guest Visa Requirements

Crew and guests have two visa options, a 30 day visa on arrival or a 60 day social visa. Other options are possible should the vessel plan to remain in Indonesia for longer than 60 days, but these are more complex as they require advance arrangement prior to arrival in Indonesia.