Superyacht Provisioning Indonesia

Bali is a world famous tourist island and is home to a number of luxury resorts, restaurants and 5 Star residences. As a result of this, high quality supplies can be sourced on the island and regular imports mean that most items can be arranged. Across Indonesia, particularly further to the east, supplies are considerably more limited but this situation is steadily improving. Using Lighthouse’s renowned superyacht provisioning services will minimize the frustrations that can be experienced with domestic suppliers and transportation. Lighthouse is happy to assist yachts solely with their provisioning needs and encourages communication to discuss any yacht’s requirements in Indonesia.

The Lighthouse Consultancy understands the importance of superyacht provisioning to the success of a cruise and pays a unique level of attention to the sourcing, packing and shipping process.

Provisioning Quality Control

Lighthouse’s provisioning team provide straight forward advice on what supplies are most easily sourced and what may take more coordination. Sometimes a western understanding of ingredients is beneficial when suggesting suitable alternatives if preferred items are not available. New government taxes on imported food and beverage have resulted in price increases and varying levels of availability, and orders may therefore need to be sourced from a number of suppliers across Bali.  Lighthouse could be described as a personal shopper to the chef and chief steward, offering an understanding of the limitations of Indonesian supplies, putting a decade of island living to maximum effect. The team’s communication skills enable them to tailor services to the requirements of individual yachts saving the crew valuable time and energy. The team personally oversees the packing of every shipment; quality controlling and packing to ensure that every shipment arrives in the best possible condition.

Provisioning shipments can be delivered to the dock in Bali, flown across Indonesia to be transferred to any port, or even delivered to a rendezvous at sea. The Lighthouse network of contacts in the airport cargo departments and unique systems for the process of sending shipments across Indonesia enable unrivalled assistance in Indonesian superyacht provisioning.

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