Superyacht Cruising Guides

The Lighthouse Consultancy is acutely aware of the impact that a knowledgeable cruising guide can have on the enjoyment of any of the unique cruising grounds of Indonesia. The scale of the cruising regions may make cruising seem simple, but certain signature dive experiences, treks for unique vistas, flora and fauna can easily be missed without the assistance of quality and highly experienced guides.

In addition, a guide must have enough experience to lead guest activities during diving, snorkeling and kayaking. An in depth understanding of oceanic conditions at several signature dive sites in Indonesia can be the difference between an incredible dive and a challenging experience for guests.


While yachts are in the cruising grounds, interaction with local villages, both planned and unplanned is inevitable. An Indonesian speaking guide can alleviate communication challenges and enable Captain and crew to focus on serving guests rather than talking with local officials or village leaders; guides can also coordinate a visit to the village if guests are interested in cultural interactions.

The Lighthouse Consultancy has a network of both international and Indonesian guides available to join cruises. Made Suarsana is a full time cruising guide with the Consultancy, along with Herry Jeremias, and highly experienced international guides Mike Veitch and Garry Bevan work exclusively with Lighthouse.

Meet the Team

Mike Veitch

Canada born Mike is a veteran, an award winning photographer, he has guided multiple yachts throughout Indonesia, from Sumatra all the way to Cendrawasih Bay. Mike’s cruising portfolio includes vessels such as MY Vava II, MY Lauren L, MY Triple Seven, MY Archimedes, MY Big Fish and MY Seawolf…

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Garry Bevan
Garry Bevan

Establishing one of the first liveaboards in Indonesia, Garry cruised throughout the Komodo National Park and Raja Ampat for a decade between 2002 and 2012, giving him vast experience of the regions. Previous Yachts include MY Pacific, MY Dragonfly, MY Triple Seven, MY Party Girl, MY La Familia and MY Serenity…

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Made Suarsana

Balinese Made works full time with The Lighthouse Consultancy. He has over 5,000 dives throughout Indonesia and multiple professional acknowledgements. Made’s portfolio includes MY TV, MY Sapphire, SY Twizzle, SY Ethereal, MY Dragonfly, MY Big Fish, MY CV-9, MY Serenity J, SY Hemisphere, MV Alucia…

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Herry Jeremias

Herry is born and bred in Labuan Bajo, Flores – the gateway to Komodo National Park, and has great connection to the region. He has guided liveaboards since 1997, with 7,000 dives across Indonesia, joining vessels such as MY TV, SY Sarissa, SY Destination and MY Amoha…

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