The Indonesia Superyacht Experience

The beauty of Indonesia as a superyacht destination is that so many different experiences await an intrepid adventurer, from the unique wonders of Komodo and its legendary dragons, to the history of the Spice Islands in the Banda Sea and the pristine coral reefs found in Raja Ampat. The Indonesian Yacht Experience offers adventurous yacht owners and captains some of the most intriguing and virgin cruising to be found anywhere in the world. As well as beautiful top side activities, intimate village excursions and hikes to locations of unique picturesque scenery, the rich oceans of Indonesia host world renowned dive sites teeming with fish life. Though the archipelago is remote and some areas seemingly several days from civilization, with the right assistance the infrastructure is in place to support yachts visiting the region for extended periods. It is, however, critical to have the right assistance.


The Lighthouse Consultancy is a network with extensive experience developed through years of living and operating vessels in Indonesia.The Lighthouse team understands that the requirements of every yacht are unique and consequently that a personalized experience is critical. The consultants recognise the importance of every hour of the yacht experience for the limited time of a busy yacht owner. Lighthouse provides support in the background reducing costs and saving unnecessary expenses, taking pride in efficiently supporting cruises in what is truly, an incredible part of the world. Communication is integral to the success of the Indonesian Superyacht Experience. After the planning process is complete, The Lighthouse Consultancy sees 24 hour service as a standard operating procedure. The ultimate goal for all involved is for captains to visit Indonesia and say they will only return using Lighthouse services. So far, this goal has been achieved with 100% success.

Bali Block-resize

Bali is probably the best known of the Indonesian islands and is often the first point of call into Indonesia for vessels coming from Singapore, Thailand or areas further West. Bali itself has limited cruising due to exposed shores and deep slopes but the island is a regular starting point for yachts wishing to enjoy and extended cruise east, through the Nusa Tenggara region of Indonesia in the cruising grounds that incorporate and surround Komodo National Park.


Established in 1980 as a World Heritage Site, the Komodo National Park is located some 250 nautical miles east of the holiday island of Bali. Encompassing 1,817 square kilometers and comprising the three main islands, Komodo, Rinca and Padar,the park is considered to be one of the most exciting natural world adventure destinations on the planet.

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Located off shore from the north western p of the Bird’s Head Peninsula, at the heart of the “coral triangle’ lies the pristine Raja Ampat National Park. Spanning a vast 50,000 square kilometres, the region is described by many as Indonesia’s final frontier. What is sure, Raja Ampat casts a spell on all who visit.

Banda Block

The Banda Islands, The original Spice Islands. Overlooked by the imposing 600 metre volcano Gunung Api, the Banda Islands host many treasures; historical, cultural and natural and this intriguing destination also features an incredibly a rich marine environment. Infrequently visited due to both their physical location and the open oceans surrounding them, these islands and their adjacent dive sites offer the opportunity to interact with the more wild side of the Indonesian archipelago.

Multiple whalesharks swim at the surface, Rhincodon typus, Cenderawasih Bay, West Papua, Indonesia, Pacific Ocean

Located on the northern coast of West Papua approximately 250 nautical miles east of Sorong, Cendrawasih Bay, combined with Raja Ampat makes up what is known as The Bird’s Head Seascape. Both of these markedly differing regions are relatively new to the south-east Asian cruise fraternity, with Cendrawasih Bay being the latest discovery in an already outstanding cruising portfolio.

Sumatra Block

One of the largest islands in Indonesia, Sumatra is home to an incredible variety of attractions both on land and in the sea. In the Indian Ocean, off the west coast of Sumatra, lies a stunning cruising ground dotted with hundreds of picture perfect tropical islands scattered 100 miles west of the mainland. These striking islands include famous names like the Mentawais and Nias, but also many hidden paradises such as the island of Enggano or the Batu Island group.

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