Lighthouse Testimonials

lighthouse testimonialsA significant number of people are involved in making a cruise time frame successful.  Everyone has to  work together to create the best possible experience for the yacht owner, their family or their guests.

From our side, permit and documentation procurement start the process. Then when the vessel arrives our general shore support experience takes over, with provisions, bunkers and other logistical requirements all needing attention. When the owner arrives, the focus shifts to exciting and unique itineraries tailored for the specific preferences of that particular vessel, for that a cruising guide’s knowledge is integral.

Lighthouse Testimonials

It’s always nice to get recognition for the work that we do supporting yachts cruising in Indonesia. We recently received a great testimonial from one of our previous yacht Captains, who visited Indonesia twice in 2015, on board a 55 metre Amels yacht. Captain Ross cruised Komodo, the Banda Sea and Raja Ampat and it was a pleasure to support their adventures.

It is testament to the excellent support we received that we were able to roam so freely and give the owners the sense of exploration that is so integral to such an amazing and diverse country

Click the image above to read the testimonial in full. Find more Lighthouse Testimonials from our satisfied yachts on our Captain’s Testimonial’s Page. If you’re interested in learning more about Indonesia or have questions about bringing a vessel here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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