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Eastern Promise

The Lighthouse Consultancy team are based in Indonesia and have been supporting cruising in the country over the past decade. In addition to 360 degree yacht support across Indonesia, the Consultancy also develops personalised itineraries for timeframes throughout the country to truly experience the attractions of the cruising grounds. Here Garry Bevan, a member of the Lighthouse team of cruising guides, describes a week excursion through one of the true wonders of the natural world. Raja Ampat, when translated into English, reads Four…


Cruising in Raja Ampat

Appropriately known as “The Bird’s Head Peninsula”, due to its uncanny resemblance to a large bird, Indonesia’s West Papua province is home to one of the world’s more unique cruising destinations: “Raja Ampat”. In the 15th century, this area was a part of the Sultanate of Tidore, one of the major powers of the Spice Trade, and a very powerful ruler of the time. In order to solidify his rule in the Papua area, the…